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    I’ve followed this forum for years solving misc issues. I’ve now run into a problem that I can’t find any input on. Thanks in advance for your help!

    My problem is that we have a 2008 Server SP2 w/ Exchange 2007 that’s been running great. Fifty plus users, iPhones & Droids all sync no problem. OWA has been flawless until yesterday. We did intall about 40 updates over the last week and rebooted the night before last. OWA and phones stopped working after the reboot. Here’s the details:

    1) Digicert SAN SSL cert – Digicert reissued yesterday and we reinstalled successfully. It wasn’t expired, but we thought maybe something was corrupt. Digicert intermediary cert tests ok

    2) If we disable SSL, OWA works fine.

    3) Same problem internally and externally & no specific error in the logs that point us in a good direction

    4) We can telnet to the server externally on port 443 and we get a normal response from Exchange

    5) We have verified that bindings for SSL are assigned to the default web

    6) We have rebuilt the Default Website just in case

    7) There aren’t any other patches available from Win Updates

    8) I’ve had another engineer with a deep background in Exchange take a look and he is also stumped

    I’m about to call Microsoft because it’s been a long night…

    Thx., Jay

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