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    Hi there.

    Been a while I posted last but I got a new issue so need the help of experts :D

    The issue I currently have is the following:

    when ever I try to access OWA I need to type: https:///exchange instead of http:///exchange.

    We have some users that refuse to learn (even if you add it to their favorites they just ignore it) so it would be nice to have a redirect from the http:// site to the https:// one.

    Now here is the “weird” part.
    I know that when installing SBS2003 with exchange, this is being done automatically.
    If a uses connecting to his owa box on sbs2003, he is being redirected from the http site to the https.

    How can this be done (ofcourse the same way as on the sbs2003 server) on a windows 2003 server with exchange 2003 sp2?

    Is there a way this can be achieved, without creating a redirect file or a custom error file, as I don’t think this is being done on the SBS2003 server.

    My configuration:

    Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
    Microsoft Exchange 2003 Standard Edition, SP2.
    IIS6 (fp ext. are enabled, .NET is installed, RPC over HTTPS installed)

    Hope someone can come with a nice solution for me.

    Kind regards,

    Jorge Valencia

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