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    I have been working with my Windows 2003 Smartphone for month and it was working excellent. 3 weeks ago I coud not sync with my exchange 2003 server any longer.

    After checking configuration, reading a lot of articles on Daniel´s web site, i found out that my Outlook mobile access service does not work properly.

    When I open [url]http://server/oma[/url] I get a a correct web page only for the “Administrator” user. For every other user – even with Administrator privileges – I receive the following error message in the browser:

    “Das Element ist nicht mehr vorhanden. Das Element, auf das Sie zuzugreifen versuchen, wurde möglicherweise gelöscht oder verschoben.

    English translation: “This element is not available any loger. The element you are trying to access was deleted or moved”

    I have allowed The mobile services for EVERY user, Outlook Mobile Access is just working fine, so I am stuck now.

    Does anyone have an idea ?!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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