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    Hi Guys,

    Having a weird problem with OWA & Attachments. Our system generates emails that have purchase orders attached to them as XLS files. Under the covers the XML files are actually HTML files. When these attachments are opened up in an Outlook client they open perfectly, however when the same email message is opened or saved from OWA the file is empty (as in nada, the file is zero k in notepad.)

    Here are our observations:
    1 – HTML email attachments open up readily in OWA
    2 – The same HTML file as in observation (1) renamed as .XLS or .DOC reattached, and re-emailed become zero length files when accessed from OWA

    Why is OWA stripping out the content? I noticed it is parsing the files somehow…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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