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OWA and Outlook different for same user.

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    A user has moved departments. This is also in the middle of a new naming convention. The new AD account was created last week with an exchange mailbox, which matches the new account. There was lots of mail, contacts and entries which needed moving to the users *new* account.

    After *deleting the mailbox*, i realised it could only be re-connected to a user with no mailbox. This wasn’t an issue; the new AD account had not been used and therefore had nothing in it. I removed the mailbox from the new account and re-connected the old users mailbox successfully.

    I also used the clean up agent BTW.

    On opening outlook when logging on with the new account, it asked me to authenticate – it will not take the new users password or the old users either.

    The bizarrre things is, if I open the new account using OWA, it works correctly;
    all the mail from the old account is there, as is contacts, calendar etc. It also sends and receives mail.

    Any idea’s where I have gone wrong?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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