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    I am using Exchange 2003 SP2 installed on a Windows 2003 R2 Standard Edition SP2 Server. OWA works great, except for a slight Time Zone issue. The entire AD Domain is GMT-05:00 (Eastern Time US).

    Users get confused when accessing OWA from different Time Zones. For instance, today I had a user travel to California (GMT-08:00 Pacific Time US). All of her calendar appoinements shifted by three hours.

    I selected Options, Date and Time Formats, in OWA, and verified the current Time Zone Setting. I had the user change the Time Zone to their current Zone, and all of the Calendar Appointments were still shifted by three hours. It is apparent that OWA was picking up the Time Zone from the local computer.

    How is it possible to not have OWA pick up the local Time Zone of the computer they are connecting from?

    Thank you,

    David Waugh

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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