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    Sometimes, with no pattern to it, when I print an email from Outlook 2003 in Memo style, it comes out on the page in incredibly small text. Unreadable.

    I didn’t worry about it too much – I hardly ever print anyway and usually it came out ok. But now, a client says she’s got the same problem. Sometimes.

    I say there is no pattern, and to back that up I can tell you that I emailed someone, he replied, I printed & it came out OK. Then I replied, he replied then I printed and it came out in tiny font! Same email conversation! So what I’m thinking is it can’t have anything to do with html as opposed to plain text formatting.

    We’ve tried resetting the memo style back to default, but the thing is, I’ve never changed the Memo style at all anyway.

    Systems are: She’s got an SBS2003R2 and Win XP Pro clients, all updated with latest Microsoft updates, so Office is up to date too. She’s got an HP laser printer, I’ve got an Epson. Symptom does not always occur on the same PC. This morning, I had the same symptom, on a totally different LAN. When we print an email, all we do is click the printer icon in the toolbar – nothing else, we don’t select a printer, change any settings or anything.

    Has anyone else had this ?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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