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    Client uses Outlook with local Exchange server at office. From home, or away, he uses Remote Desktop to log in to a Terminal Server I set up. Outlook was installed on the Terminal Server in the recommended way so that multiple users could use a copy when they log in.

    At work, his desktop version of Outlook reflects his moves, deletes, and so on. Using Remote Desktop, the TS version does not show the same state. Hundreds of spam message remain as undeleted, messages that were moved to various subfolders remain in their original positions.

    On Terminal Server, messages do show up in the inbox shortly after being sent, but they cannot be moved or deleted. A message appears that the message may have been moved or deleted or you may not have sufficient privileges to complete the action.

    How can I cure this? I would typically uninstall a balky app like this and then reinstall it. But on a Terminal Server I *think* an uninstall would affect all users since this is a ‘communal’ install of Outlook. Is there a way to wipe out the “state” information for this one user so that it can get the correct status from Exchange, without causing unintended disruptions to other users? Is there a way to ensure that the desktop Outlook and the TS instance are both in the same state?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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