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    I have a new Android tablet and installed Microsoft Outlook on it. With the exception of my own outlook.com email account, I am unable to configure my various email addresses. The other addresses I have, are off my own domains hosted by GoDaddy.

    This isn’t a one-off event … my mobile phone (also Android) has the same issue and I have noticed it getting more challenging to configure email addresses on my PC. I recall (on earlier Android and PC editions) that Outlook was more flexible, more configurable and, when I open the configuration page for any of my accounts on Outlook for my PC, I get a very basic IMAP configuration dialogue whereas, not too long ago, I would get a fairly detailed one but I CAN still access that by going to mail configuration in Control Panel.

    The Android Outlook client seems to be built around the assumption that you have a standard email address (such as outlook.com, gmail.com or similar) and, whilst there are some advanced settings once connections fail, it doesn’t work generating some kind of security error that I suspect is bogus. I can’t find anything equivalent to the functionality I can get on Windows (via CP), nothing as advanced as, say, the Android Google Mail client settings (much more flexible), a client which works fine with all my email accounts. Yes, I could just use that instead but I like MS Outlook, the way it works, so I guess this is a last-ditch effort to try and get it working for me.

    Any ideas?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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