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    medic 66

    I am following the article http://petri.com/how-can-i-configure-rpc-over-https-on-exchange-2003-single-server-scenario.htm#gc about setting up my RPC on HTTP/S.

    My network has 5 servers. All are domain controllers. 3 are file servers only. Another is DHCP and DNS. And then my Exchange Server. One server does all Exchange work. I have OWA for everyone to use out of work and Outlook for office folks on the LAN.

    I want to setup the Office Outlook 2007 for outside of the office LAN. Do I follow the single server since I have a single exchange server? Or is single server meaning only 1 network server period?

    Single server – In this scenario, you have only one server that is configured to function as a Domain Controller, a Global Catalog, an Exchange computer, and an RPC proxy server. This article discusses the single-server configuration in detail.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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