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Outlook Archives on local machines Dilemma

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    I am currently involved in a windows 7 deployment project in the company I work for.

    Historically the setup hasn’t been that great, my predesssors really havent used the benefits of AD/ group policy to automate and centrally manage a number of things. as a result one of the major burdens has been the number of archive .pst files and documents which are being kept on users local settings on their laptops. If the user remembers to backup to their network drive great but i get the impression most don’t. A lot of our users are field based so hardly ever come to the office.

    My concern is a number of users esp in the Legal, HR and finance dept cannot afford to lose this emails if their laptop was to breakdown.

    I have raised this higher up and long term we are going to look at a proper archive solution but this isnt going to go forward till next year as its not been budgeted in this financial year and money is tight and there is no way it can be released from elsewhere… My boss has tried effortlessly.

    I am keen to explore alternative options in the mean time, ideally if i can save the company money on an archive solution but still have local pst files backed up this would be a result. I have had previous experience with Gfi mailarchiver and wasnt too impressed with it, mainly because it requires a Sql license which will cost x amount plus the work that is involved to import the pst into GFI will be a mission.

    I am keen to explore a solution where i can use a sort of offline files/ synchronise solution where if a user has a folder of files It can synchronise as soon as the user plugs into the network. I believe setting up offline files can do this but this i believe relies on the folders/files to be on a network share, in our case its the other way around where files are on the local my documents and they need synchronising onto the users private network share.

    We use Windows 7 pro with windows server 2003 AD. Soon to upgrade to 2012 and we use Exchange 2007.

    I am keen to hear if others Have had this type of problem and if so do you have any ideas?

    Many thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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