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    Our office is running Exchange Server 2000 with an OWA connection to the server. I have a user who’s email automatically is deleted when he receives it. It is not a case of it disapearing, it is automatically sent to the Deleted Items folder. He had a connection to the server setup on 3 different computers and his BlackBerry (via OWA). One was running Outlook 2007, and the other two were running Outlook 2010. Regardless of which computer he was using, the email would automatically be deleted upon receipt.

    We checked the junk email settings and they were not the culprit. There were no rules setup to auto-delete his email on any of the computers. We decided to un-install outlook from all three computers, but when he accesses his account using an OWA connection, the same thing happens. All received email is automatically deleted.

    As a backup solution, we are running Sunbelt Exchange Archiver (SEA). Since SEA is configured for the group level (all email treated the same) so I feel it is not the culprit. Also, SEA does not affect storage of email on the client, it just archives incoming email.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

    I found that he was also using an app on his Android phone to access email via our OWA server. After removing the app he still has the issue of emails automatically deleting.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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