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    We are in the middle of an upgrade to 2008 R2 AD and transition to Exhcange 2010. Exchange 2010 has been in the environment for 6 months and all mailboxes (apart from 2) still reside in Exchange 2003. The reason for the wait is due to other projects taking place. Exhcange 2010 CAS/HUB is on one server and mailbox role on another Exchange 2010 server.

    Last week, two 2003 DCs were removed from the domain and FSMO roles were transferred from another 2003 DC (currently still in the domain) to one of the new 2008 R2 DCs.

    Since then, the Outlook 2007 will not resolve to a mailbox for two mailboxes that are currently hosted on the Exchange 2010 server. They were fine prior to the changes. When running through the wizard for the first time to create a profile and reaching the username/mailbox resolution stage, the following error occurs.

    Microsoft Office Outlook

    Outlook cannot log on. Verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox name. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.


    I have verified the following.

    (1) Creating a new mailbox on Exchange 2010 you have the same problem.
    (2) OWA works.
    (3) Exchange 2003 is unaffected
    (4) Exchange 2010 only references the two new 2008 DCs. The 2003 DC that used to have the FSMO roles is no longer stated
    (5) If I run a Best Practice Analyser, it does refer to the 2003 DC and it appears that it is getting its main configuraration from that DC.
    (6) RPC is set to not enforce encryption due to some Outlook 2003 clients still being around
    (7) It is currently using a self-signed certificate. A 3rd Party one will be installed soon, however, the SSL certificate has not changed since the issue.
    (Eight) You can ping the server by name when the issue happens. From the client machine and Exchange servers.

    Any advice appreciated.

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