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    Hi. Our company use Exchange 2003/SBS 2003 software for email. An issue that I want to ask about has a place only for our boss account. We have about 25 user accounts in the list and no one else has same problems. Boss has mailbox stored at server(because need access to it from 3 different computers in company building). Issue is in slow performance of his Outlook 2003. He set up somewhere about 100 different folders in mailbox.When he switches emails in these folders they open with up to 30 sec delay(or more if there is an attachment in email). And the message “Outlook tries to retrieve data from server pops up in the right bottom conner. The size of problematic mailbox is little more then 1Gb.
    I accept all advices how to solve this issue.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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