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Outlook 2003 (Exchange Bundled) not rending html emails

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    This is a strange one, bare with me.

    I have Office 2003 Pro on my home machine and connect to my mail server online via IMAP and all is good.

    I have just deployed Outlook 2003 on a Windows 2003 Server Domain, with Exchange Server 2003. Some emails that I receive do not render the emails when reading them inside the new Outlooks.

    This is not on the Exchange account, it is connecting to the imap account I have online.

    The same emails render fine at home on Outlook 2003 (Office Professional), reads fine in Windows Live Mail (Windows Live Desktop) and also in Outlook 2007 (Office 2007 Pro).

    In the Outlook deployed from the domain, the email view shows the entire headers and html/text parts of the emails. This is the same for the default install, and after applying the Office SP3 from MS Updates.

    Is the bundled Outlook 2003 with Exchange Server any different from Retail/OEM Outlooks?

    Thanks for your help, sorry if I’ve missed anything out, I will update if you need more info.


    ** Update: All the Outlook 2003’s deployed were to Vista Business workstations. So this could also be a Outlook 2003 (Exchange) Vista issue? (Even though Windows Live Mail shows the emails fine)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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