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    Hey guys.

    Here is a megga brain-twister for everyone. There is someone in my company who has an Out of office reply that has been “stuck” on since last Christmas.

    • According to Outlook her out of office is off.
    • She has no rules
    • If we turn on her out of office with a new message, it is ignored and the old one is still used
    • I cant find any local Outlook running with local rules turned on

    Any idea??? I am so stumped on this one. I installed a program called Outlookspy that lets you manually manipulate some of the low-level data in a mailbox, but I can’t find where rules are stored in it.

    By the way we are running Exchange 2003 sp2 in conjunction with Outlook 2007. We use SMTP only.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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