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    First post, so take it easy on me!!

    Firstly a bit of background……………I have recently inherited a Server 2003 / Exchange 2007 domain that was not configured correctly. There were replication errors for the domain (due to old domain controller that were not dcpromo’d) and the Exchange Application Log was full of errors (mostly due to the previous Exchange 2003 server being removed from the domain without Exchange being uninstalled).

    I thought everything was working correctly after manually cleaning up the old Exchange server in ADSIedit (I left the old Administration Group due to Legacy DN’s as per a MS article i read). However i have just discovered that Out of Office and reply rules are not working consistently internally, and not at all externally. (I know the Out of Office should only send once a day).

    As it is so intermittent internally I believe it has something to do with the old Exchange server but i cannot seem to pin point it. As for externally I believe this because autodiscover.domain.com is not resolving externally ( I am speaking without Firewall guy to get a NAT configured), but best case I expect the NAT to enable the Out of Office and Reply rules to work inconsistently externally.

    Has anybody got any ideas please as I have no error to work from and from everything I’ve read the configuration seems to be ok? I have been looking into this for two days now and am just going round in circles.


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