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    Good Morning all, New here and have just registered today.

    OK, the topic of DR has arisen within our company and I need to know what the best options are for recoving our current site’s network at an alternate DR location.

    Current Network Architecture.

    The AD Forest Root is hosted in Orlando USA. The Forest root is used for administration purposes only. (root.net)

    5 Child domain’s sit underneath the Forest Root located in Europe and the USA. These are key business divisions that make up a global corporate company.

    There are 2 NAP’s (Network Access Points) AKA Bridgehead Servers, one sits in the UK and the other in the US. These hold the 2 Main Forest wide FSMO’s.

    Most but not all DC’s located around the world are DC/GC’s (based on WAN Bandwidth)

    I am located in the UK on a site that supports 500 approx LAN based users sitting on one of these Child Domains. (child1.root.net). I have 2 DC’s on site one of which is a DC/GC and this DC talks to the NAP in the UK so as to keep the whole Forest nice and up to date etc..

    Recovering from a disaster

    In the unforunate event that the whole site is lost (Worst Case Scenario) what would be the best option for getting our AD up and running again ASAP at a seperate DR site. Bearing in mind that the business relies on the network for it’s day to day trading and requires an imperitive connection to an IBM AS/400 system located in a seperate location in the UK.

    The DR Location only has only one IP scope and one subnet for us to work with and we are required to transport 100 employees to this site in order to get the business up and running and trading again. Connectivity to the NAP may not be possible from this site depending on swithes and routers available. I am hoping that it is but these things are not always possible.

    Can I restore our DC from a backup and sit it at this new site knowing that it may not be able to communicate with any other DC or the root?

    Or could I build a whole new domain from scratch..(more time consuming setting up objects etc) and later join it to the Forest after a new (permanent)site has been found?

    What are the implications of each and are there any other options I should consider?

    Any more info can be provided upon request?

    Many Thanks for your opinions..


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