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    Windows 2003 Server. Windows XP user.

    I have one user who is trying to print to one particular printer but nothing comes out of the printer. The job sits in the printer’s Q with a “Printing” status. This then stops all other users from being able to print- their jobs sit in the Q also but nothing comes out. I have to log onto the server and restart the Print Spooler service. What happens now is the printer starts printing the original user’s document followed by the rest of the Q.

    All other users can print to this printer without a problem.

    Printer details:

    • Connected via a Netgear PS101 on a static IP
    • Driver is from the original CD

    The printer is connected on all WinXP workstations via the PS101’s port “ART_LJ5_P1”. The port description is “PrintServer Port”.

    Can anyone suggest what is wrong?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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