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    I am looking for a product or a way to give some users in the field the ability to logon as an administrator locally on windows xp. We have a 2003 domain and all of our users restricted to Users on their laptops. We have some users that are working very remotely and have no internet link and occasionally require the administrator password. (Install USB printer or do troubleshooting) What I would like is some way to have the local admin password change with every reboot of the machine as well as a way that our IT department can give them the password which will only work for the next boot cycle.

    We have set all the admin passwords differently, but on a couple hundred computers it is getting hard to manage and what we find is the users remember that password to do their own “troubleshooting”. Any suggestions. If they all had the Internet we could remotely admin, but these guys are working where there is no phone and no reliable sattelite connection (for what we can afford).

    Any suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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