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    ok, think this is an unusual one……..

    bit of background on the site config.
    this company has two SBS servers running 2008, two separate local networks on separate IP ranges completely isolated with separate network adapters on the servers connected to separate ethernet switches connecting clients, Admin domain is called ‘office’ on IP range and production is called ‘production’ and on IP range

    The Primary SBS (SBS1) is used for their office and admin operations, hosts exchange, file sharing, printers and home folders etc and RWW is utilised.
    The 2nd SBS (SBS2) is for production with client workstations on the factory floor and is solely used as a file server with 3 shares and home folders, exchange is not used at all and neither are any other features.

    Now, my plan is to retire SBS2, install another Network adapter to SBS1, configure a 2nd DHCP scope and bind it to the new network adapter thus keeping both networks physically separate, recreate the production users on SBS1 and block internet to them either by group policy or configuring a false gateway on the 2nd DHCP scope.
    users on the production domain only require file sharing access and home folder mapping, other SBS activities and exchange services will not be needed on the production domain.

    is this possible or have I gone off on a impossible tangent??

    any advise much appreciated

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