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    I am recently encountered with the problem of Virtual Servers being non-responsive at times. after the troubleshoot i have identified that it is those servers which is under one Node is what becoming non-responsive. So for the time being i have moved all my virtual OS into another node (Node1), I would like to know why one node is performing perfectly and another is not? I have tried chkdsk, windows update etc but no use. There’s no lagging or any other issues when accessing the Node2 which is causing problem when hosting virtual OS into it.

    My network details as follows:

    2 identical servers as Node1 and Node2

    the servers are clustered using clustering service and the hardware is Dell equallogic

    Both the nodes are Windows 8R2
    Virtual OS created using Hyper V and all the OS are windows 8R2


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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