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    since there are no dedicated IE forum, I will post here on W7.

    the client application has a library with a links. Some of them open in the client interface but most of them in IE.
    There is a problem with one Link that actually opens IE but the window is minimized right after opening.
    I need to demystify this…
    The difference between opened browser window and minimized (after maximizing it) is:
    Opened normally browser is the window with address bar and buttons (just full browser).
    Opened in minimized mode is “locked” to not have all the above features. Just has Internet Explorer name in window frame.
    The app that I am using is a Virtual Package. I saw one example where the same app is installed locally (not virtualized) opens the link that is minimized in my case normally. I would check closely both cases.
    The IE versions are different in my example. Mine is IE8 other was 10.
    Personally, I don’t think that virtualized app may have any impact. The app calls local IE.
    I am not an expert in HTML codding, but I believe there is something in page creation that push the window to minimize.
    What it could be? Why the page minimized and why the window that is minimized is “locked”?
    May there is some IE setting for the “cure”?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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