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    Hi all!
    I have a problem to configure my Nokia E71 to sync e-mail with exchange 2003.
    I have configured OMA on Exchange, but I when I tryh to sync by mobile I recive the message “The account is not allowed to sync”. I have tried to get the OMA by IE [URL]http://PrivateIP_Exchane/OMA[/URL] and after user e pwd prompt the following error occure: ” Item no longer exists. The item you are attempting to access may have been deleted or moved”.
    I have checked on Internet and I have found the following inoformation:

    >> Info 1.
    >> This error may occur if the user name that is in the address that the
    >> message is sent to contains the following symbols:
    >> – Number sign (#)
    >> – Percent sign (%)
    >> – Ampersand (&)
    >> – Tilde (~)
    >> Info 2.
    >> Check IIS Properties.
    >> 1. Go to Start/Administrative Tools/Internet Information Services (IIS)
    >> Manager.
    >> 2. Expand out the list by clicking the plus sign next to the server’s
    >> 3. Expand out the Web Sites.
    >> 4. Expand out Default Web Site.
    >> 5. Right click on OMA virtual directory and select Properties.
    >> 6. The Local Path box from the OMA virtual directory should be:
    >> C:Program FilesExchsrvrOMABrowse.
    >> 7. Right click on Exchange virtual directory and select Properties.
    >> 8. The Local Path box from the Exchange virtual directory should be:
    >> [URL=”file://\.backofficestorageprimaryemaildomainname.commbx”]\.backofficestorageprimaryemaildomainname.commbx[/URL].
    >> [Note] The Exchange Local path should include the email domain name
    >> specified in the CEICW.
    >> Info 3.
    >> Please follow these steps to check the problematic user’s email address.
    >> 1. Open dsa.msc console.
    >> 2. Navigate and double-click the problematic user.
    >> 3. Click E-mail Addresses tab.
    >> 4. Make sure that there is a [email protected] SMTP email address
    >> (secondary). User must have the following email address set as the
    >> address: [email protected].

    I can exclude point 1 and 3. I have checked the point 2 and it looks ok.
    I am not an expert and I have some doubt. My company web site is hosted by a provider, we have an exchange server where we download the e-mail from a provider. I have a public IP and I get to OWA by this IP, now I want to get e-mail using OMA. In point 2 is written to set [URL=”file://\.backofficestorageprimaryemaildomainname.commbx”]\.backofficestorageprimaryemaildomainname.commbx[/URL]. I have tried with the name in dnsmgmt first and then with the public IP but I recive the same error.
    Could you help me?
    Thank you,

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