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Offline Files – Upon reconnect to Network

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    Does anyone know if there is an option to reconnect/resync automatically when the network become available again?
    I have users who ignore the baloon popup in the system tray letting them know that they are working Offline. Then they complain that they have no connection to the network shares. They unable to see all their network files. Then I have to go over to their desk and click on the “OK” button of the Synchronization tool. This will then synchronize them to the network and thus provide access to their network folders.

    I’d like to automate this so they get re-sychronized automatically as soon as the network connection is resotred. I think it created not to have this option for the protection of the users… I think they have manually chose when to sychronize to the network, in order to protect the current versions of their offline documents vs online documents….not sure.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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