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    Hi guys

    I am currently using offline caching via the sync centre on all my computers. I do folder redirection on my documents pointing to my server, and should the user want to leave the office with his laptop, the documents are still available offline.
    But I am currently setting up an new server with brand new domain and domain controller. My question is thus, if I do a profile change on my computers (disjoining the old domain and rejoining new domain) and would like to setup my offline caching and folder redirecting in the same way, should I clear offline cache, or just disable offline files and on the new Windows 7profile enable and re-setup? I’m afraid that offline caching might give me issues later on if I don’t properly clear the old settings on the old profile before re-setting up on the new profile, unless someone can definitely say there wont be any issues should I not clear the offline cache database or not disable/enable.

    thanks for the advise and help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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