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    2 x Exc2003 Ent edition SP2 running on W2K03 SP1 fully patched
    1 x XP SP2 fully patched with Office 2003


    I have created quite a few test users and some have been assigned the contoso company name and some the fabrikham name and some no company name. I have then creted two address lists, one called fabrikham and once called contoso and filtered the company name accordingly. So now when I preview contoso I get all contoso employees and when I preview fabrikham I get all fabrikham employees.

    I have now created an offline address book called Company offline and included the fabrikham and contoso address lists. I have assinged this as the mailbox store where my test account is.

    When i log onto Outlook 2003 I get all the address lists but when I go offline I still see all of the address lists. I would thought I should only be able to see the employees who are either in contoso or fabrikham company but I can see everyone, including users who do not have a company assigned??

    Anyone explain this?



    P.s. Obviously this is a test nextwork :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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