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    We have a CNC machine that is having troubles with the monitor. It may take 15 minutes to turn on depending on the weather. :) The president of the company got on ebay and bought this adapter that converts the signal to vga so we can use a crt or lcd (according to the ad seen here: )

    It goes on to say: Only monitors that can accept 24.8kHz horizontal and 56.4 Hz vertical will work. Most modern monitors only sync down to 31.5 Khz on the horizontal frequency.

    I’m no monitor expert but it seems like there’s no way that an lcd will go that low. Does anyone know how I can find a monitor that would actually work for this? I think if it were a crt it probably wouldn’t fit in the little cubby deal in the cnc machine so I don’t see this working at all. Basically, the pres is trying to avoid paying out the rear for a new tube for the CNC machine. :-?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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