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    I am just wondering how other companies handle off-hour alerting of their networks that do not have a third shift. We have a staff of four network engineers and I am in the process of putting a plan together. here is my rough draft.

    I was not sure where to put this question but this seemed like a good place.

    I. Groups for Solarwinds alert setup
    a. Hospital circuits
    b. Radiologists
    c. Home Transcriptionists
    d. Internet
    e. Clinics(open and closed) open 24/7
    II. Team Responsibilities
    a. Receive pages from Solarwinds
    1. Switches
    2. Routers
    3. Internet down
    4. LAN-LAN tunnel down
    5. etc
    b. Look into issue asap
    c. Determine how soon it needs to be resolved
    1. Hospital sites asap URGENT
    2. Clinics before they open if possible
    3. Radiolgists asap
    4. Home Transcriptionists (?)

    d. Notify rest of team who is working on issue
    e. Notify 1st level on-call person of issue
    f. Determine cause of issue
    g. Contact Circuit provider if circuit down
    h. Stay on it until resolved
    III. Teams
    1. Suggestions – two on rotation, all hands on deck, other???

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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