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    Hi All

    I need to install office 2000 on Windows XP and also Office 97.
    We have old bespoke software that is still running on our system and many complex databases with all sorts of stuff in them. Linked tables auto queries etc.

    We are having problems. My collegue says we used to have something called Office 2000 Value Pack which contains converters and file updaters (I’m told)
    I’ve found an office 97 value pack but it does not contain the converters required.

    I’ve overcome several problems with this install already but can’t find this value pack.

    Anyone have any info as to where I can get hold of it (if it still exists?)

    I have just been informed that one of the main reasons for wanting this is the lack of file types my collegue can open she has the usual dbs & odbc but things like … Web pages, dBase, Paradox etc etc are missing.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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