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    I have a folder “En-DB”
    I have assigned 1 group (en-db-full) full access to the folder (cannot change permissions or ownership)
    I have assigned 1 group (en-db-ro) read and execute
    I have assigned Administrators full control

    Some users need read/write/modify and some only need read/execute. Admins need all permissions

    I have this full folder structure in place already, but there are so many permissions issues, that I am creating a new structure and re-assigning permissions. I am copying over 1 subfolder at a time; from the original structure (there are approx 90 subfolders to copy over (the rest are all subfolders of these folders).

    There are approximately 1900 subfolders/sub subfolders that I am trying to set the same permissions as the En-DB folder (all child folders/files).

    After assigning the permissions to En-DB, I check the security on the subfolders and it appears that the Admins and the RO Group permissions are in tact, however the EN-DB-Full group permissions are blank. Which means I would have to go to each subfolder and assign special permissions to (far too time consuming).

    I have attached 2 screenshots (ADPermissions.jpg – Top level folder and AdPermissions2.jpg – Subfolder

    Any suggestions?

    Thank You

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