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    now happens that some users gets email but not all.
    Let me be more clear.
    The server has all the pop3 accounts in the pop3 account manager, and it retrieves emails from outside each 15mins.
    Some users are now experimenting this:

    •If a user from outside send he an email he DOES not get it. (i can see it when arrives to the webmail, when I hit retrieve in the server, nothing happens, it just disappears… all nice and dandy in the events by the way -it gets delivered to the proper mailbox.)
    •If a user from outside REplied to an email he got…the user gets that email without any problems.

    Looks like emails from scratch are not delivered…but the replyed ones does.

    Only on certain users…

    Another odd thing: whatching carefully in the OWA i saw once an email, and in a blink it disappeared!

    Thanks for any hint guys.
    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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