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    I’m looking to get OCS 2007 R2 installed. As of now I have Exchange 2007 No SP installed. I have a 2003 Domain up and running.

    Can I install OCS server as a VM in Hyper-V?

    What would the Pro’s and Cons setting OCS as a VM? I’m only looking to use the chat function for our users.

    If I want users to be able to use OCS outside our network would they have to VPN into our network or would it work like Outlook anywhere so users do not need to VPN into the office?

    Would I need a front end server facing the web if I wanted users to have OCS access from home without a connecting into our network?

    I know VPN is the most secure way for users to use OCS but I need to have both options.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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