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    Robert R.

    After renewing the certificates for our OCS servers (thanks to Ossian for the helpful advice), I cannot install the new certificates on our OCS servers (both the edge and internal IM servers).

    When I open the Office Communications Server 2007 console, I start the Certificate Wizard and import the .p7b file.

    After successfully doing that, I select “Assign An Existing Certificate,” but the new certificate is not in the list of available certificates.

    Am I missing a step, or is something not working properly?



    UPDATE (Nov. 08, 2011): Doing some more research into this, I think that I should have used the Office Communicator Server Certificate Wizard, and not the Windows Certificate Wizard, to create the certificate request. Creating a certificate request using OCS on the internal IM server, I see that the certificate is a SAN (Subject Alternative Name) cert with two names — im.x.tld and sip.x.tld . Since I don’t have access to Comodo (our certificate authority) to request certs, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if I’m right.

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