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    Bought an HP XW4300 (and an HP XW8200, but about that sometime) and wanted to use, as I do with any XP Pro box, dual monitors.
    The HPs come with nVidia cards, dual outputs, and I first installed Win7 RC X64. No monitor at all in Device Manager, video adapter showed conflicts.
    Removed Win7 Ult and installed Vista Ult X64. Ugh!! What a disaster, but also no monitors in Device Manager, and conflicts too.

    So, bought an ATi card, dual monitor capable. Placed it in the XW4300 and Vista X64 sees the card, and the monitors, and they are in Device Manager, and all is well enough.

    It will really be nice when Win7 RTM comes out in a couple of days, and we’ll see if that will install, which it should, on the XW4300. Then to try Win7 Ult on the XW8200 with an nVidia card (as purchased), a good one, to see what happens.

    The boxes both have SATA drives, both with maximum memory installed (8GB and 16GB respectively). The XW8200 has two U320 147GB for installation drives, and the rest are SATA.

    I advised the dealer, in Ottawa, to be aware that customers for these machines might be in complaining about monitor problems. It’s obvious from postings about this on the internet, about nVidia cards, that this is a fairly common flaw.

    The latest drivers were installed, downloads correctly named for Vista and Win7, and wouldn’t install properly on the computer, for both OSes.

    Hope that this is uncommon, otherwise what???

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