NTBackup on win2k3 server

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    Hi Guys,

    This is actually a two questions thread.

    1) i have arcserve on a backup server which backup every server ok, but can’t backup 1 specific server it’s connection time out, tried from TWO arcserve servers i have. i don’t know why YET, i will be glad if anyone got an idea? no firewall between the servers. i can access the server i want to backup with unc path etc.

    2) meanwhile i used NTBACKUP on the problematic server to backup the important files of the util the server holds. this works OK (Ntbackup).
    i used NTBACKUP to backup them to the BACKUP server on a new share, and the ARCSERVE then backup them to a TAPE.

    What i want to ask is :
    how can i keep the BKF file, instead of replacing that every day?
    is there an option inside NTBACKUP or i need a script?
    how do i use the command line /F switch in order to keep the FILES only for 1 week or so?

    Thanks, Retaliator.

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