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    I am running a peer-to-peer with all 3 PCs running XP Pro with Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition 2005/2006. I have used NTBackup.exe successfully for backups for several years now. Computers A & B backup to a drive (D:) on computer C.

    About 6 weeks ago, probably after a Norton AntiVirus (NAV) update, backups started failing. I say probably because Norton Internet Worm Protection (IWP) is sensing a worm on either port 139 or 445. The backups from A or B run for about 35 to 45 minutes before failing. It took a while to connect that event to NAV, but I now see where IWP sees an intrusion from either A or B into C, where the backup drive is located, and shuts down communication with the sending PC for 30 minutes, thereby disrupting the backup. I have made Symantec aware of this issue and the tech said he “thought” they had a fix and to run Live Update; no success.

    What I need to be able to do is prevent port 139 & 445 traffic from coming from PCs A & B so that IWP will not be triggered, but I still need to be able to see shared files and drives in both directions. Is this possible?

    BTW, I am new to forums and I could not find the introductory one to introduce myself. My name is Richard and I am an IT tech. I am an old guy, but I have a passion for knowledge and do IT for a living and I love it!

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