not able to add entry into one public folders but can on others.

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    We use Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2007 clients (not OWA).

    We are having issues with with public folders and the addition of a new user to manage public folder calendar entries.
    We have 4 public folders and if any request to enter an entry on the calendar is made, an email will go to this user and she will have to approve the request and then manually enter the date/time depending on which public folder it needs to go to.
    This user is on holiday and we want to give another user these exact permissions so she can modify the public folders. We have given this user the same access as the other user which is ‘owner’. The user can add entries for 3 of the public folders but for some reason cannot do it for one. If she tries to add an entry, she is able to add the entry but it immediately disappears.
    We have checked permissions on the server. I have also used PFDAVAdmin tool to check permissions and everything is reported ok. I have compared permissions on both users and they are exactly the same but for some reason this second user is not able to add an entry for one particular public folder.
    Can anyone help? I am stumpted?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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