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    This post is about being asked for a password for recovery options (windows will not start) and never having a password. I have scoured yahoo, this site and the rest of the net searching for answers, and no go yet. Here is my problem.
    Ive read on and on about people having never had a password to put in when recovering the console or the like. I have tried all the little tips and tricks but get nowhere. I’ll be as descriptive as I can.
    I have an HP running XP Home. My recovery partition is on the HDD, but i have a XP disk from a DELL PC. (works for booting from CD)
    I arrived at my problem because I totally reformatted from the partition and everything was well. When it started up, it went through the setup process then got to the “congratulations on your purchase…” screen and it hangs forever. Has anyone else seen this? I had to reset the PC and now it says its missing a system32 file. So now I try the recovery console on startup with the disk in and this is what i get:
    I start the pc and select to boot from CD. then it goes into windows setup, it asks if i want to set up WXP, Repair WXP or Quit. I select R to repair and then im asked which windows installation I’d like to log onto. I have 3 selections. 1: F:MiniNT, 2: F:I386, and 3: C:WINDOWS. I select 3 for Windows. -What do #’s1 & 2 do?- Then it asks me for Administrator Password. I dont have one since the reformat, and the one i had before the reformat doesnt work either. after 3 attempts it restarts the PC. This is where im stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated, ive tried to be as descriptive as i can in hopes of help. If i havent been, id be glad to clarify further.
    I dabble in pc’s a bit, and some ppl bring them to me to help them install things or simple fixes. Im no genius and certainly dont know it all. but this is not the first time ive been asked for a password, called the person and they have never had one. That usually results in a total reformat. This seems to be a big problem for XP users in the recovery console with a disk. but this time its my own pc.. Whodathunkit.. Thanks in advance for any help!
    –As a final note. I dont have floppy available to me. I do have a XP disk from DELL, and Windows will NOT start, not even safe mode. (goes to the “thank you for your purchase..” screen and hangs)

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