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    I have a situation that I have gotten myself into and need some help getting out!
    Some Background:
    I inherited a 2003 std server that was dying. That server was the DC of a poorly named domain that was named with a dot com extension. This caused problems with their web site (same domain name) that was hosted remotely. The users email at that time was through a POP3 server. We moved them to hosted exchange early on with no apparent problems there.

    The decision was made to replace the server and create a new domain name at the same time.
    This was done, a new 2008R2 std. server was installed and so far everything has gone smoothly in the server closet, but not so at the workstations.

    All users are on Windows 7 Professional. The users’ email is through hosted Exchange at a well known and respected vendor. Foolishly I went around to each client workstation and cheerfully took them out of the old domain and joined them to the new. I believed I would have no problems with their email. I had .PRF files for everyone so I thought re-configuring Outlook would just require importing the .PRF and entering their password… At first glance it seemed to work fine.

    I mistakenly thought that everything would be in the .OST files that Exchange would create in their profile including contacts, and autocomplete data.

    I guess that isn’t the case. Email works fine per se, but they do not have their old contacts or autocomplete ability. I searched their old profiles (usernameappdatalocalmicrosoftoutlook ) for addresses and NK2 files but apparently that isn’t where they are located. I replaced usernamecontacts with OldUsernamecontacts but that did not bring back their contact lists.

    I am in big trouble if I cannot get this resolved quickly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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