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    This is hopefully not a problem as far as I am aware, but is bugging me. I’ve just set up a new Proliant ML110 G7 server with SBS 2011. The first client has been setup and everything at this stage appears to be working with no problems (although I have not set up email yet). Both nics are enabled in the bios, but nic 1 shows as disabled in device manager, with nic 2 being “live”.

    However, the cat5 cable is actually connected to nic1 as shown by the indicator light on the front of the server.
    Q1 why/how is this and can it be easily corrected without screwing everything up?
    Q2 should I disable one of the nics in the bios? (I have not installed “lights out”) – this begs the question which one, nic 1 or 2?

    Or perhaps I should simply ignore it!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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