New to SBS 2003, trying to figure out exchange.

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    Hello everyone, after spending about 20 hours reading on how i need to configure SBS i believe i am lost!.

    I have decided i ask the help of the professionals who know what they are doing before i do something to the SBS that is not reversable and will mess it up forever.

    For the past 8 years i have always paid for virtual hosting, however i now manage 15 domains, so i decided to get my own server, i bought my server, hooked it up to my home network installed sql 05 and sent the server to the dataware house (colocation). One problem i noticed once i connected to it, was that a lot of settings were taken from my home network, like the router, dns and so on, also it created “domain.local” something to do with AD i guess. anyway, i have changed 2 domains MX and A settings to point to the server, and IIS shows me the websites, i am now trying to configure the exchange part, i want to host my own email.

    Anyway, lets start of with my first question, using the internet + email wizard… what the hell is the DNS it asks for? I know that its not the same DNS specified in my TCPIC settings (which is the same ip as the servers), is that something i need to get from the colocation isp? also it asks for the routers IP, im guessing that is just the gateway. if i dont specify the dns it tells me that i will need to configure “root” something something….

    I have more questions, but lets start with that i believe once i understand what the DNS’s role is, i might be able to answer my own questions.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    BTW i found this link

    to be a bit helpfull with the “next” steps….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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