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    Hello All,

    I am looking into purchasing new domain controller servers. I was hoping to get advice and opinions on the situation.

    The current network consists of approx 35 workstations and approx 10 servers. Being a printing company, we have a handful of servers and unique printers to deal with. We are going to be renovating the offices, and adding in some more computer/servers (Approx 20-30 more computers/printers/servers). Most of the servers are used to RIP files for the printing end, which I do not have to worry about. This brings the total up to about 60-70 drops.

    Our 2 main servers (SQL server and Domain controller) are over 10 years old and running Server 2003. What I would like to do here is buy 2 Servers approx at $2000-$3000 EACH. I am hoping this can be done including the licensing and other expenses I’m not really aware of. Please advise if you think there is something that should be brought to my attention.

    I would like to have both of the servers running Server 2012.
    On top of the 2 server boxes, I want to get an iSCSI to hold all of our virtual machines.

    I am going to virtualize the SQL and the current domain controller. The database in the SQL is now obsolete to our company, but the workers still want to be able to reference the information. I believe creating a Virtual for these machines will comply with them.

    I believe this will give me the most flexibility as well as functionality.

    I only have a budget of approx $7000. (2 servers and the NAS device)
    I would greatly appreciate examples of servers.
    I am looking at the Dell Poweredge servers but the licensing seems so expensive!

    Any and all advice and opinions are welcome and appreciated!
    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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