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    Evening all,

    I’m in the process of installing a new SBS 2003 R2 Premium system. I’ve dealt with SBS Standard before so I’m happy with 90% of what needs to be done. What I’ve not dealt with before is ISA Server. I know that in order to get online, the Microsoft Firewall Client needs to be installed on workstations.

    Normally I’d want to spend a decent amount of time planning the installation, trying it out and testing it thoroughly before deploying it at the business, but in this instance we just don’t have the time to do it. Due to a hardware failure on Monday with the old server, we now have until Thursday (a week today) to get it in place. If necessary, I will install Server 2003 Standard on the new server and restore the old system from a backup, but I’d rather move to SBS now if we can.

    Background – this is my mother’s business and I’m usually available whenever she’s in the office (she works evenings as it’s a tuition centre) should any problems occur. She uses an XP Pro laptop and has six XP Pro desktops used by the pupils using a generic user account.

    What I’m wondering is, if I install the Firewall Client, what happens whenshe takes her laptop home and connects to the wireless? Will she still be able to use the Internet – ideally without having to reconfigure the browser each time.

    Also, with ISA and the Firewall Client, do I still point the clients to the server as the default gateway (with a DHCP option), or does the client take care of that?

    I would greatly appreciate any insights people may have relating to either of those queries (or indeed to what I’m trying to do in general). Unfortunately my research hasn’t really turned up anything useful other than a thread on Expert Sexchange from 2005 with no answer, just a (now dead) link to another website – if this has already been answered on this forum then I would appreciate if someone would provide a link to it, as my searches aren’t turning up any answers.

    Thanks in advance, beer coupons will be printed shortly :beer:

    Edit: I should add that the server has 2 NICs and that the Internet connection is connected to one of them, rather than being connected to the LAN backbone.

    Edit: Also, if it makes a difference, the subnet in use on the LAN in the office will be different to the subnet in use at home.

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