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new password policy…

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    okay, this is a weird one.

    this sunday, i am putting new password policy in place (2 days max), and will be manually unchecking a select group of users’ “password never expires” box. this will force those users to change their password on tuesday. after everyone has changed their password, i will change the policy to 90 days, permanently. BUT…

    what if some people are out of the office? if i change the policy to 90 days on wednesday, those people who were out of the office will not be forced to immediately change their password. but, if i leave it at 2 days for a while, some people will get REALLY annoyed at having to change their password every two days.

    i am at a loss on how to make this happen. any ideas?


    btw, this a w2k3 environment, if that helps/makes a difference. (although, the gc is 2008).

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