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    Hello all:

    I am hoping you can help me with a basic question regarding setting up an exchange server. Until now, my small organization has been using the POP mailboxes our domain host provided when we contracted with them. This has met our needs but we are now interested in deploying an exchange server.

    Currently we run our own webserver which is located in a DMZ with the balance of our network in side a secure section. This secure network includes the AD server.

    In doing some research, it seems that exchange relies heaviliy on AD to setup mailboxes for the users. While I am sure this will make things easy to setup new users and mailboxes. However, I have questions about how the AD and exchange servers will communicate. Everything I have seen shows the mailservers to be in the DMZ. This makes sense to me as this server is more at risk than I would like to make our secure network but how does my AD server create a new mailbox on an exchange server in the DMZ? Am I supposed to move my AD server to the DMZ? This seems unnecessarily risky. Should my mailserver be in the secure network? Again this seem a bit risky with opening more ports to the secure network.

    Can someone provide guidance around where the exchange server should be located, in the DMZ or secure?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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