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    I have an issue with our new component inside our website. the issue seems to be a network related thing.

    My network (The relevant part):

    2 web servers windows 2003 web.
    Each have 2 Nics (Internal IP and Legit-external IP).

    Both of them are connected to a F5 Load Balancer through a VIP (Farm Address).

    User is viewing one of the pages, let say: – no problem here.

    On that same page I have a button called – “ClickMe” – when the user clicks on the button, the server is Addressing itself in order to collect the text from the page and redirects it to a third server.

    The issue:
    The problem is that if there is NO record inside the HOSTS file of the server which has the subdomain pointing to the server’s IP (like legit IP of the server), then the action get stuck because the domain is pointing to the Load balancer VIP-Farm address.

    For obvious reasons I can not add all possible Subdomains to the server’s HOSTS file.

    I am not working currently with LoopBack adapter.

    I will be happy to read any Ideas which can help.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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