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    I have a very odd problem with one client machine. We have a snap appliance NAS that she is trying to access a certain folder on. When she tries to open excel files in this folder, it gives her “The directory name is invalid.” and will not open the file. If she has another excel file open or drags the excel file into the open excel app, it will open the file. However, no matter how it was opened, if she makes a change and tries to save it, it says “Document not saved.” Not only that, it deletes the file from the NAS! We noticed that there was a missing 2011 file yesterday so I replaced it from a backup and I assumed someone had deleted it by accident. It was actually caused by the problem we’re talking about here. I’ve been on google for the last couple of hours but haven’t really found anything similar. Does anyone have any ideas what I should check? When I map the network drive from my computer with her credentials, everything works normally so it has to be something to do with her PC. It is a windows 7 box…the same make and model as my PC. Any ideas?

    edit: There are a bunch of .tmp files in the drive now since this problem has been going on. They are excel temporary files.

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