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    Evening all,

    I noticed an interesting one this evening and for the life of me I cant work out whats going on….

    I have 2 Workstations & 2 laptops, if I do a ookla speed test on either of the laptop or 1 of the workstations i’m getting the same speed, 361Mbps down and 20Mbps up give or take a few Mbps, which is about right. However on the other work station its alot slower, 120 Mbps down & 20 up. All machines are Windows 7 pro x64 all with the same AV all hard wired to the same switch and all about the same spec annoyingly the work station with the issue is the highest spec.

    I gone through checking everything I can think of, checked its connecting at 1 Gbps, checked for nasties, updated the drivers, traffic management, firewall probs, disabled services, safe mode, even installed a new cat6 patch cable but the speed just doesn’t change…

    Short of a reinstall or a new network card i don’t know what to look at next…. any ideas?



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