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    I hope I have this in the correct forum.
    I had an issue brought to me and I have a couple of questions.  Is there a tool/software that can be used to scan a network and show these ad hoc network connections?
    Or what is a good tool to use for someone not up-to-date with networking issues?  I was told there were a “bunch of printers broadcasting on ad hoc networks” in the environment, I want to look at the wireless network to verify this for myself.  I did a google search on printers broadcasting and something I read about an HP printer pointed me in the direction of checking to see if the wifi direct setting is turned on.
    I have not been to the site yet.  I will be checking in the next day or two when I have access to the printers the status of this setting. At that time I’d like to do a before and after look of what’s being shown on the network, and if changing the setting is the solution.  The next question is, if they’re still broadcasting next step/s to resolve the situation?

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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